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Posted on Jan 7, 2013

City of Lake Forest Passes Resolution on Medical Marijuana

City of Lake Forest Passes Resolution on Medical Marijuana

On December 3rd, the Lake Forest City Council voted unanimously to instruct the Plan Commission to modify the zoning code to make medical marijuana dispensaries subject to approval of a Special Use Permit before opening. Exact requirements will be recommended to the City Council by the Plan Commission early in 2013. In the meantime, there is a moratorium on the opening of any dispensaries pending the conclusion of these deliberations. The public will have opportunities to address the Plan Commission and the City Council in public meetings on this subject prior to finalizing any changes to the zoning code.

There is some concern that the proposed legislation will not let the City of Lake Forest ban dispensing operations from the community even with this local ordinance in place, and that a dispensary must be permitted somewhere within the corporate boundaries. However, in this event, this resolution would allow the city to control where they would be located via the zoning code. We’ll continue to hope that the state legislation continues to fall a few votes short, but for now, City Council has done everything they can do.

Thank you to the Lake Forest City Council for helping to keep our community – and especially our young people – safe!

For more information, please contact LEAD at [email protected] or (847) 295-9075.