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Posted on Jun 19, 2013

June 2013 Coalition Meeting Minutes

Speak Up Prevention Coalition Minutes

June  6, 2013

Attendees:  4 coalition members

Staff:  Khris Condon, Andy Duran, Joy Markee

Coalition Update:

Upcoming Events:

  • 6/22           LEAD Summer Lift Off Event, Townline Park, 4 – 7 PM
  • 6/24           Youth to Youth International Conference, Columbus, OH
  • 7/27           Youth to Youth International Conference, Providence, RI
  • Fall 2013   Middle School Youth Summit


We set good bye to Julie Cooley who is retiring from District 67 and 115.  We are very grateful for Julie’s many years of service on the coalition and governing boards.

We welcomed John Maher as an official coalition and governing board member.  John will fill Julie’s position as representative from 115.

   Student Focus Groups Summary

Khris Condon presented a summary of the middle school focus groups and high school surveys to complete the coalitions listening session information gathering efforts.

Middle School

  • Large groups by grade
  • LBMS 6th – 8th grade
  • DPM 7th and 8th grade
  • Total 100 Students

Lake Forest High School

  • 6 individuals asked by social workers

Middle School Summary

  • Majority know alcohol is harmful, brain and body are still developing.
  • It is not cool to drink, those that do lose friends
  • See parents drinking and it looks fun
  • Students know it harms the brain, liver, affects decisions, etc
  • Students drink to relieve stress, try to fit in, to have fun
  • They know signs and symptoms of someone who is drunk
  • Learned what drunk is in health and in TV movies and professional sport games
  • Get factual information from respected adults, teachers, .gov and .org websites
  • Mixed results on parents talking to kids, parents initiate conversations in response to newsworthy stories
  • All students felt they would get in trouble if caught drinking

High School Summary

  • Some students think it is wrong, some have fun without it, some love to drink
  • Everyone does it
  • Most don’t believe it is harmful, some know it is bad for health
  • Drink due to stress, pressure, cause everyone is doing it, it is fun
  • Learn about underage drinking from adults, prom presentations, health class, parents
  • Message from parents, don’t do it, too young, will mess up life if caught,
  • Consequence if caught range from nothing, grounded, to big trouble
  • Attitudes change in high school because students want to have fun and are less concerned about the dangers
  • Everyone is doing so might as well join in
  • Access to it is easier in high school because there are more parties
  • Alcohol is used every weekend, at big parties, when we feel like it
  • Binge drinking definitions did not include number of drinks
  • Binge drinking is drinking too much, drinking to impress someone, to get drunk, drinking to out do others
  • Where do they get alcohol?
  • Older siblings (a lot), college students,
  • Fake ids (a lot) , asking strangers, going to other towns
  • Very easy to get from homes, parents can’t tell
  • Friend has to be passed out, puking profusely before they call for help
  • Parents are more accepting of students drinking as student progresses in grades

Revised Logic Model

Khris Condon presented changes to the logic model that resulted during the 2nd week of CADCA training in May.   Coalition members approved of the changes.

 Suggestion 2013-2014 Action Plan

The recommended action plan was presented to the coalition.  The action plan was developed to address the primary local condition of Parents thinking it is safe for youth to consume alcohol in private homes and the secondary condition of Youth have easy access to alcohol with and without adult permission.  The primary condition addresses the root cause of Perception of Harm.   The coalition decided at the May meeting that a priority of the coalition should be to work on changing the lack of adults perceiving alcohol use as harmful to youth.  The action plan was developed with this priority in mind. 

Gas Station Liquor License

The Lake Forest Village Council voted to remove the restriction preventing gas stations from selling liquor.   The coalition will work on educating the council about our concerns with alcohol being sold at the Shell gas station at the corner of Deerpath and Oakwood.

July 4th Concert Update       

  • Bassett training will be recommended for all server volunteers
  • Speak UP! will reimbursement $14.75 pp for the Bassett training
  • Speak UP! will have several volunteers attending the festival complete a festival assessment to help  capture what works and what needs help at the festival
  • We can place Speak UP! message signs inside beer tent
  • An 8’ Speak UP! banner will be hung on the lighting scaffolding for the stage.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM

Next Coalition Meeting:  August  1, 2013, 9:00 – 10:30 am

Lake Forest High School West Campus