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College Underage Drinking Prevention Strategies

Underage Drinking Intervention Strategies

Some colleges pursue underage drinking intervention strategies to keep their students safe, and compliant with local laws.   The numbers refer to specific intervention strategies  below. The dollars refer to the relative cost of the program, and the horizontal axis refers to the level of effectiveness of the individual strategy. Click on the chart below to view in a larger format.

Everfli chart

1.  21st Birthday Cards

2.  Alcohol-Free Options

3.  Alcohol Pricing and Taxation

4.  Alcohol Skills Training Program


6.   Blood Alcohol Concentration Cards

7.   Breathalyzer Feedback

8.   Comprehensive Environmental Efforts

9.   Curriculum Infusion

10. Fake ID Policies

11. Fatal Vision Goggles

12. Friday Classes

13. Group Motivational Enhancement

14. Invited Speakers

15. Limiting Drink Specials

16. Medical Amnesty

17. Online Education

18. Parental Notification

19. Parent Based Intervention

20. Peer Engagement

21. Policies

22. PRIME For Life

23 RA Training

24. Beverage Service Training

25. Safe Rides

26. Small Group Social Norms

27. Social Marketing

28. Social Norms Marketing

29. Substance-Free Housing

30. TIPS for the University