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The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana

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The US Department of Justice has published a document on the latest research regarding the harms of marijuana use.

Click here to read the document.

Discouraging underage drinking and more – June 5th coalition meeting

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If you are parent or community member concerned about underage drinking, marijuana and/or other drug abuse by teenagers in our community, we need your help.  You can help our community reduce underage drinking.

Attend our coalition meeting to learn more.  Below is the agenda for this month’s meeting.



Provide input to our Parent Pledge


Choices Matter campaign update


Complete coalition sector role definitions


Helping to monitor prescription drugs


Coalition and July 4th


HUGE success – Post Prom update and next year


Our next meeting is on Thursday, June 5th from Noon – 1:30 at the Lake Forest High School West Campus, 300 S Waukegan Rd, Lake Forest, IL.  Lunch is provided.


Youth to Youth Conference

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Youth to Youth Conference

For the past two summers youth from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Knollwood have participated in the Youth to Youth Conference.  Groups either attend the Ohio or Rhode Island conference.  For more details on the conference check out Youth to Youth website at

The purpose of the conference is to harnessing the powerful influence of peer pressure– making it a positive force that encourages young people to live free of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

For more information on the local group going to either conference contact Andy Duran at [email protected]

This link will take you to the website:  click here

Northshore Weekend Medical Marijuana Article

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Read the  March 9, 2014 Northshore Weekend newspaper article on the new medical marijuana legislation in Illinois. Click Here

Seven myths about marijuana legislation

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In PoliceOne “First Person” essays, PoliceOne Members candidly share their own unique personal insights on issues confronting cops today, as well as opinions, observations, and advice on living life behind the thin blue line.  Below is a link to one police officers opinion of marijuana based on his professional experiences.


Click here to read his opinion

Duke University study finds marijuana can permanently reduce IQ

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The onset of medical marijuana becoming legal in Illinois on 1/1/2014 is putting many parents in the situation of having to convince their children of the harm of using marijuana, especially for adolescents whose brains are still developing.  Many students equate medical with healthy or at least okay to use.  Below is a link to recent compelling research from Duke University that documents the impact of marijuana use on individual IQ.  Hopefully this research will help parents discuss marijuana use with their children.   

If you are inclined to not read scientifically published studies, you may enjoy googling “Duke University marijuana reduce IQ study” which will identify many other news sources who reported and summarized the scientific published results.

Please note:  This study was challenged for not factoring in socioeconomic, SES, status in their results.  Results were rerun with socioeconomic as a mitigating factor and the same results were found.

Does marijuana use lead to psychosis?

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Below is the link to another new study of marijuana and the potential harmful effects of regular use.

In a study of adults who experienced psychosis for the first time, having smoked marijuana daily was linked to an earlier age of onset of the disorder, according to UK researchers.  This study was lead by Dr. Marta Di Forti, at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College in the United Kingdom.,0,6536269.story

Medical Marijuana “Joint” Issues

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Medical Marijuana “Joint” Issues

The information below on medical marijuana was presented at the Speak UP! Prevention Coalition meeting on Thursday, September 5th, 2013.   The full meeting presentation can be found here.

Please contact Khris Condon at 847-302-9308 if you have questions.

SpeakUP! Responds to CNN Weed Documentary

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SpeakUP! Responds to CNN Weed Documentary

After national news network CNN aired “Weed”, a documentary hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, many organizations in the substance abuse prevention field expressed concern about the show’s unbalanced coverage of the medical marijuana issue.

We encourage you to write to CNN’s Dr. Gupta expressing your concern about the program, which heavily promoted the use of smoking marijuana as medicine, despite the fact that dozens of medical organizations and federal agencies have concluded that there is no medical value in smoked marijuana.

Below are comments and statements from other national organizations and leading addiction experts regarding CNN’s Weed documentary:

The American Society of Addiction Medicine
Smart Approaches to Marijuana
Dr. Paula Riggs
Dr. Christian Thurstone
Dr. Nora Volkow, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Here are several resources to help you address marijuana use online at: