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Posted on Jun 19, 2013

May 2013 Coalition Meeting Minutes

Speak Up Prevention Coalition Minutes

May 2, 2013

Attendees:  16 coalition and community members attended, plus 3 – 4 others that missed the sign in sheet, see signup sheet for names and organization affiliation

Staff:  Khris Condon

Coalition Update:

Upcoming Events:

  • 5/06         Depression Awareness Week
  • 5/07         Dr. Karen Swartz – Tuesday, 5/7, 7 PM –   Sometimes It’s Okay to not be Okay
  • 5/4 & 5/5              Actions Matter Campaign
  •   5/09       Ty Sells Parent Presentation/LBMS (All Community Parents Invited)
  •  5/10        Ty Sells Keynote and Lunch ‘N Learn with Students at LBMS
  •  5/11         Day of Service in conjunction with DPM – students to assist LEAD in office
  • 5/22          Behind the Orange Curtain Screening with Jamison Monroe
  • 6/22         LEAD Family Fun Barbecue Night, Townline Park, approximately 4 – 7 PM

Guest Speaker

Maureen Powers, Dean of Students, Plymouth University, London

As Dean of Students, Maureen facilitates the University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU), a representative body of students whose driving force is the engagement of students in order to deliver whatever their needs may be.

Maureen earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Higher Education Policy at Indiana University, a Masters in Urban Affairs at St Louis University, Missouri and a Bachelor’s degree in Government at Georgetown University. She has since gone on to hold a range of senior management positions at a number of leading American Higher Education institutions.  As Dean of Students at Stanford University, Maureen oversaw the offices of Judicial Affairs, Student Activities and Multicultural Education, as well as the University’s six student community centres and the Students’ Union. At The City College New York, Maureen’s student-facing leadership responsibilities included student life, student activities, student services, student finance, the Student Government and athletics. She has also acted in national and international education advisory and consultancy roles.


At the coalition meeting Maureen made the following points:

Parents and Dean of Students – parents should know who the dean of students is and introduce themselves.   Talk to dean if there is a problem.

Most important thing to consider when selecting a college is the fit for the students personality.

Single most important thing Freshmen should focus on:  Be Authentic/Be Themselves


Students involved in something other than academics are more likely to graduate on time and with higher grades.  Students feel more engaged when doing activities other than just academics.

Students that have adults, not just parents, checking in on them, speaking to them, keeping their eyes on them, do better in school.

When assess colleges look for good resident program with strong RA’s and directors.


On alcohol and drugs:

Parents need to think about the message they want to send to youth about alcohol use.

Parents should be the role model of how they want their children to behave.


No benefits to teaching children to drink before college.

–   Underage drinking is illegal

–   Teaching them to drink sends the message drinking is acceptable

–   Kids are sponges, they build a tolerance

–   Trying alcohol is to be expected, repeated using alcohol is not


Students who engaged in the use of alcohol are highly likely to seek out a social circle at college that will also use alcohol.  Socializing with “drinkers” is what the students come to know.  Kids will try to upgrade their social status by moving to the next level of substances to fit in.

89% of sexual assaults on college campuses involve alcohol.  More education about sexual assault is needed in high schools.

Females are more inclined towards drugs because drugs have no calories.

Student education on underage drinking and sexual assault should include the parents in order for the information to be more than just noise.  Students should be required to attend speakers that are repeated yearly or bi-yearly.

Recommends Shawn Achor presentations on Youtube about the Happiness Advantage.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM

Next Coalition Meeting:  August  1, 2013, 9:00 – 10:30 am

Lake Forest High School West Campus