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Parents, Teens and the Law

The annual Parents, Teens and the Law program took place on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at the Lake Forest High School Auditorium.  The program is meant to help parents and teens navigate through the challenges high school years making healthy choices and avoiding involvement with alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.  It is sponsored by Speak UP!, LEAD and LFHS APT.

The panelists this year were:

  • the honorable Judge Chris Stride
  • A local parent who shared her personal perspective of how her family was impacted by a teen party
  • Speakers from Speak UP!, LFHS Dean’s Office, Athletic Office and Law Enforcement

Below is a link to a presentation done at Parents, Teens and the Law by Khris Condon, Program Coordinator Speak UP! Prevention Coalition and Deborahanne Reimer, Student Assistance Program Coordinator at LFHS.

Click here for presentation