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What could parents gain from our coalition?

  • Learn how to handle alcohol and drug issues in their families
    • Gain tools on handling tough questions by attending lectures and informational meetings
    • Access to resources and “know how”
    • Awareness of community norms on alcohol and drugs
    • Experience collaboration between the schools, the coalition and other sectors
    • Open discussion to problems and practical solutions
    • Support for family values
    • Building relationships with other like minded people
    • An opportunity to get involved in the community

How can parents help?

  • Share their view or perspective regarding alcohol and drugs
  • Support the coalition message
    • Following the laws
    • Family rules in line with the coalition message
    • Discuss our message in social settings
    • Participate in responsible modeling
    • Share lessons learned with the coalition and other parents
    • Recruiting other parents or members from other sectors
    • Help clarify and shape the coalition membership image
    • Attend meetings
    • Financial contribution

If you are interested in joining,  please contact [email protected]