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Posted on May 24, 2013

Medical Marijuana is a Reality for Illinois – Arm Yourself with the Facts

Medical Marijuana is a Reality for Illinois – Arm Yourself with the Facts

House Bill 0001 – Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Illinois House Bill 0001 – Compassionate Use for Medical Marijuana has cleared the IL House and Senate and is awaiting signature from Gov. Quinn.  Please become informed of what this will truly mean for the state of Illinois.

Here are some quick facts regarding medical marijuana and how it may impact youth in our surrounding community:

· Medical marijuana laws normalize use, making teens think that marijuana is not harmful.
· Marijuana can be addictive. It can compromise academic success by impairing learning, memory, abstract thinking and problem solving.
· The teenage brain is not fully developed. Marijuana can lead to poor attendance, dropping out of school, delinquency and behavioral problems.
· HB01 allows eighteen-year-olds to have marijuana. As a qualified patient under this act, a high school student would get 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana every 14 days (183 joints, 13 per day).
· Teens who start smoking marijuana regularly (20 times a month) before age 18 and are dependent show an average IQ decline of 8 points by age 38.
· After legalizing medical marijuana in 2000, Colorado experienced in an explosion in their medical marijuana industry and students were able to easily access marijuana from the increased number of registered users.

· Over 1,200 people are admitted to the hospital emergency rooms each day with marijuana being identified in their system at the time of admission.
·Marijuana users have twice the number of motorized vehicle crashes as non-users.
·Business owners potentially can see a lower productivity and increase expenses due to results of accidents, absenteeism, and damages if employees are able to come into work under the influence.
·A Pilot Study conducted by Stanford University (Dr. Jerome Yesavage) concluded that a sober pilots error rate when told to land in the center of the run way was 12 ft. Pilots were given one marijuana cigarette to smoke. One hour later the pilots missed the runway by 32 feet, after 4 hours 29ft and after 24 hours 24ft and the pilots felt they were OK.

Since 2009:
· Public school suspensions for drug violations have increased 45%
· Expulsion for drug violations have increased 35%
· Referrals to law enforcement have increased by 17%

Please see the additional resources below: