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When Love Doesn’t Conquer All – Half Day Workshop

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Who should attend:

These workshops are for individuals with children in 7th – 12th grade.   The content will be the same at both workshops.

The Workshops: 

LEAD and SpeakUp! are hosting this class to provide effective, concrete techniques for families with children and adolescents who need help creating environments of mutual respect and cooperation with effective rules, responsibilities and consequences.

Skills that will be taught include: ways for kids to calm themselves during crises, how to effectively disengage without making things worse, effective consequences that will make real changes, and how to get kids to do chores and clean their rooms with little effort on the parents part.

If you are a parent who feels like you are frequently walking on eggshells or that you provoke rude and disrespectful responses from children; this workshop is for you. Come learn what you can do to establish a healthy, respectful, cooperative and fun relationship with your child/children.

The Speaker:

Mr. Kling’s Fair but Firm program is designed to work with children and youth experiencing behavioral problems such as disrespect, defiance, and an ongoing refusal to comply with instructions from parents or teachers.

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